Thrive, Revive and Play Outside the Box

As soon as tomorrow you, your peers and pals can team up, compete and bond on games where everything could be a piece of the next puzzle. Satisfy your social, recreational, team building and philanthropic needs with ready-to-go collaborative games that are innovative, immersive and insanely amusing!

There's A New Game In Town

Indoors or outdoors · left-brained or right-brained · today or tomorrow · $25 and up

Run Brain Run helps humans thrive, revive and play outside the box when they have toiled too long in the real world. What we offer is the freedom to escape. Your group’s getaway begins when you choose from our socially interactive location-based games, hunts, spy adventures, mysteries, and gastronomic games!

Get in the game!Did we say “socially interactive”? Make no mistake, these ready-to-go social diversions are team building opportunities designed as a series of cooperative challenges which playfully pit team versus team. Armed with your collective wit and skill (no need for fragile high tech gadgets), your group will have a blast thinking their way through our customizable clues and challenges. At the end of the day you will have shared laughs and memorable bonding moments at the judging.

How's that for an alternative weekday?

As soon as tomorrow your peers and pals can enjoy exhilarating, original ways to play your day away. So choose from the menu above for Run Brain Run’s Family of Games.


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