Tour Operators

Come One Come All!!!

To an evening of hysterical delights and nostalgic stimulation!
An event guaranteed to produce laughs, smiles, and fond memories!
An extravaganza like no other you've ever seen nor are likely to ever see again!
We present to you with the utmost enthusiasm....

Game Show Live!

We all know that evening activities are so hard to come by. After dinner is over, sometimes the best option is to point out a nearby movie theater, but most will go back to their room and watch TV. All that has now changed.

A Run Brain Run game director and an emcee will show up at your hotel and deliver a fun and exciting event that will leave your group talking for days. It's called Game Show Live! and it's the most amazing Tour Operator offering since the invention of the articulated coach. Hours of entertainment include games like Wicked Bingo, the Jeopardy-like Nostalgia Quiz, Sounds Like?, Who's On First?, and more. Everyone's a winner and you'll be the hero for booking this event for the group.

Look at the large or small videos to see Game Show Live! in action…

Game Show Live! Game Show Live! Small

Also presenting:  Freewheel

Not your usual Build a Bike.

Freewheel is a philanthropic charity game in which participants build a bicycle, not knowing they will soon give them away to deserving underprivileged children from the community. No need to be a weekend grease monkey since this game challenges your group’s creativity, communication and time management skills, not their mechanical aptitude. We partner with Boys and Girls Clubs (or a charity of your choice) so underprivileged or at-risk youth are also the winners. The kids wheel off with their brand new bike, helmet, lock and chain, and your group walks away fulfilled unlike any other event they have ever attended.

Wise sages say a picture is worth a thousand words, so just see for yourself what Freewheel is all about. Take a gander by clicking on either the large or small video link…

Freewheel Freewheel (small)

You Freewheel game is just a click away, so Contact Us today to book the special date.

Want more information? Download PDF Group Pricing and Game Summaries.

Affiliation Discounts

We're National Tour Association (NTA) members and offer discounts to members of similar organizations with special ancroyms like NTA, ABA, UMA, TAP, TIA, ASTA, ACTA, OMCA. If you need inbound receptive, step-on, and/or meet-and-greet services in Portland and Seattle, be sure to check in with our parent company Hometown Advantage.