Fill your Brain and Run!

We keep telling the boss that our customers want good, solid information about what we do. The practical stuff, so you can convince your manager to let you go have some fun.

The boss handed it to the marketing folks, who are working on some intense, equation-heavy, marketing-crazy "white papers"... whatever those are.

We figured you really didn't want to wait. So we snuck in here and uploaded a couple of documents we know you'll love. We call them "squibbles" and hide them here so the marketing geniuses won't ruin them by slamming them full of buzzwords like align, synergy, and paradigm. But you can have them.

Please click below to download the PDF files “Boosting Morale During Troubling Economic Times” or "How to Do Team Building Right." If you want to save the PDF file to your computer, just right click on the filename and choose "Save Link As…"

You can find even more super-secret squibbles here. (Shh! Don't tell anyone where you got this stuff, okay?)

Then call us toll-free at 888-604-3350 to get in the game.

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