Philanthropic Games

How about Doing Good while your team Does Well?

Run Brain Run's philanthropic games help your team do something great for those in need around you... including making each other laugh as you try to meet the crazy challenges head-on (or elbow-on, or belly-button-on, or name-your-favorite-body-part-here-on...)

Here are some links to get you started.

  • Freewheel:  Not your average bike building event. You'll be laughing so hard you may not even be able to keep your inflatable helmet on.
  • Play it Forward:  Combine wacky challenges with raising awareness and resources for your favorite charities and causes..
  • Operation Care Kit:  Rise to these challenges (like spelling in NATO code) so you can send needed items to those serving overseas.

Your game can be ready in just a few days, so Portland Group Pricing and Game Summaries or Seattle Group Pricing and Game Summaries and then contact us to start planning your adventure!