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Run Brain Run your way through Seattle: The Pacific Northwest’s crown gem of art, culture, and technology awaits your hungry brain and eager eyes!

You haven’t fully experienced the Seattle area until you add the creative stylings of Run Brain Run’s indoor and outdoor, anytime and anywhere events. Ever wonder how the cast of Almost Live wrote such hilarious gags and sketches about Seattle? Wonder no more as you live your own live brand of amusement any of our indoor or outdoor locations!

And remember, Run Brain Run fun is when and where you want it to be. Most Seattle games can be ready with as little as one week’s notice!

Pike Place Market: Search Party + Alias & Alibi + Play It Forward Indoor game

Imagine a market with three levels of food, flying fish, arts, crafts, comic books, and curiosities galore among its 230+ businesses! Clearly there’s a lot of game packed into this indoor fun zone. Frankly, you’ll probably get distracted from the festivities numerous times, but don’t worry, that means you’re having fun!

Seattle Center: Search Party + Alias & Alibi Outdoors

This outdoor public space attracts entertainment, education, sports, and festival events...and Run Brain Run gamers! The Space Needle (the Pacific Northwest’s most ubiquitous landmark) juts like an exclamation point from the perimeter of the EMP (the Pacific Northwest’s most curious looking landmark). They will orient you as you Run your brain silly on this 74 acre playground!

Seattle Art Museum: Search Party Indoor game Admission fee required

The newly remodeled and expanded SAM is an indoor escape that transports you to a wondrous new playground of artistic time and space! Run Brain Run is the curator of your merriment, so don’t get too tired watching the Hammering Man work and don’t wear yourself out climbing the Art Ladder: save your energy for the games!

Museum admission required. Because photography is not allowed within the Art Museum, HD Video Camcorders are a big no-no here.

Belltown: Coming Soon Outdoors

According to, “Belltown’s got it all!” If you consider “it all” to include exciting food opportunities, a variety of night life destinations, and lots of art, shopping and living, then Run Brain Run would say that Belltown is an outdoor escape that’s “got it all!” There are nineteen coffee shops in Belltown, so you won’t run out of game gas!

Downtown Kirkland: Search Party Outdoors

Welcome to the Eastside. It is not true that plate tectonics caused Redmond, Kirkland, and Bellevue to snap off of Seattle. But it sort of looks like it. Nor is it true that the East Side Greasers from S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders were inspired by Kirkland toughs. In truth, this social, outdoor whirlwind of retail and technology synergy makes for a delightfully brisk “little big city” day of play.

Pioneer Square: Search Party Outdoors

Pioneer Square (considered Seattle’s first neighborhood) burned to its roots in 1889. But we would not send you into a maze of crumbling ruins for fun. Thankfully, Pioneer Square has been restored and serves as your outdoor historical game zone for Run Brain Run events. Dodge in and out of Victorian and Edwardian architecture, marvel at King Street Train Station and Qwest Field before taking a dizzying tour through over 20 art galleries and studios! Whew! We could mention the scads of pubs, bookstores and shopping destinations, but...oh, well, there you go! Get your game on in Pioneer Square!

Museum of Flight: Search Party Indoor game

Off you go, into the wild blue yonder of your imagination at this indoor Run Brain Run location. Interactive and educational, the Museum of Flight pushes the envelope of aviation history. This pageant of man’s attempts to perilously fling himself through air and space by wing or rocket becomes your interactive and educational escape. Among dozens of other craft, you may even walk right up to a real SR-71 Blackbird, but don’t touch!

Museum admission required.

Woodland Park Zoo: Search Party Outdoors

Where the wild things are: in your psyche and at Woodland Park Zoo. You don’t have to get sent to your room with no dinner to be welcomed to the jungle by a Run Brain Run Game Director! This outdoor adventure requires you be armed with keen perceptions and a desire to escape to the wild side!

Zoo admission required.

Hotels & Convention Center: Freewheel + Game Show Live! + Operation Care Kit + Custom Games Indoor game

Seattle has a variety of hotels of all manner, style and atmosphere. If you have a favorite or feel adventurous enough to try something different, let us know and we’ll set it up for you. We’re also happy to utilize the cavernous and acoustically sonorous convention centers if you please!

Your Location: Freewheel + Search Party + Game Show Live! + Operation Care Kit + Custom Games Indoor game Outdoors

Invite us over to play! Anytime, anywhere, we serve at your pleasure!

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