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Attention Seattle! Already widely known for its hilarious, fast-paced scavenger hunt-based games for groups, teams, and corporations, now Run Brain Run lets individuals get in on the action too!

Now you can just sign up for a designated place and time - alone or with friends - and commence your secret mission in a scavenger-hunt-style search party open to the public!

Upon arrival, a highly-trained Run Brain Run Game Director will provide you with a mission pack full of cunning clues and dastardly challenges to kick off an amazing race against time and opposing teams.

Suddenly, you and your teammates are off on a real-time mission to sniff out clues, which lead to more clues, in a collaborative and immersive DaVinci Code-like experience... Run Brain Run's public search party game, Seattle-style!

Compete with - or against - your friends, work mates, even the interns (note: recommended for ages 12 and up). Bring the whole gang and see who’s the most clever and most search-party savvy.

I was lucky enough to be invited with some friends on a scavenger hunt inside the Seattle Art Museum and we had a blast! I'll never forget the weird looks we got from the security guards as we were trying to count the number of horses in one of the galleries... I would do this again in a heartbeat.  - David, Seattle

Don’t have a team? We’ll give you one! You’ll make new friends as you quickly organize your small team into the key but zany roles of leader, scout, scribe, or cheerleader.

Seattle Search Party Scavenger Hunts

  • Pike Place Market - Dodge the mysterious figures lurking in the shadows as you seek answers to mysteries you never suspected even existed in this Emerald City landmark.
  • Central Library - Turn your Rosetta-stone brain on high and unravel the mysteries hidden in the stacks, on the walls, and places you never imagined existed in a public library.
  • Seattle Art Museum - Decode the clues hidden in the master works of art in a Davinci Code-style race against time.

No need to bring the gym sweats or running shoes. You’ll exercise your brain more than your body.

Special Introductory Pricing - Online tickets are only $12 each with our free online discount coupon - over 50% off our regular price! Advance ticketing strongly recommended, but walk-ups are welcome if tickets are still available.

With three different regularly-scheduled dates and locations in each city, we make it easy for you to get into the game. Buy tickets online or call 888.604.3350 to get in the game today!

Check out our Portland games, too!

Public Playdate Details


  • Creative challenge
  • Great get-to-know-you event
  • Outrageous fun

Ideal Usage

  • Group outing
  • Celebrations
  • Checking out our games

Seattle Art Museum

  • First Thursdays monthly, 11 AM
  • Upcoming games: Check back in Spring 2013

Pike Place Market

  • First Saturdays monthly, 11AM
  • Upcoming games: Check back in Spring 2013

Seattle Central Library

  • Third Saturdays monthly, 11 AM
  • Upcoming games: Check back in Spring 2013


  • About 2 hours