Operation Care Kits

Operation Care Kit Shows You RememberPart Amazing Race, part Cranium, and part Battle of the Network Stars, Operation Care Kit immerses teams head-to-head in a series of fun and challenging activities that exercise the brain more than the body.

Operation Care Kit challenges your team's knowledge and raises their awareness of what our national service men and women face overseas. You'll decipher military "secrets"
and scramble through challenges to earn points for your team, essential for ranking high on V-day. You won't have to do 150 one-armed push-ups, but your Company had better know corporals from captains if you want to "Whiskey India November," Charley Bravo.

As you overcome each fun (but safe!) challenge, your team obtains the necessary ingredients of a Care Kit to send to highly appreciative soldiers in uniform. We'll provide the components, the box, and even arrange the shipping - and you'll put it all together. Hustle, hustle!

The best moment comes when teams meet representatives of the real winners - members of our armed forces who will ensure delivery of their actual care packages to service members overseas. (We’ll bring the tissues to let you dry any tears of joy.)

As a former Army Reservist (MAJOR), I was overjoyed to see the willingness and participation of my co-workers in support of this event ... Being assigned to a mail room unit at one point in my military career, I witnessed the appreciation of the troops who received care packets and letters from home. The thing that struck me the most were the appreciation and expressions when the troops opened mail from complete strangers who showed and expressed their appreciation for their service.

Operation Care Kit adds a fun spirit-lifting boost to your next meeting, conference, holiday party or training seminar.

The opportunity to give to those in need and the gratitude you’ll experience at this unique event will create memories to last a lifetime. You will hardly believe that helping those in need can be so fun and rewarding. Call us today to engage!

Want more information? Download PDF Group Pricing and Game Summaries.

Operation Care Kit Details


  • Build communication skills
  • Fun, fast-paced teamwork
  • Giving Back to the Community

Ideal Usage

  • Holiday Parties
  • User conferences
  • Retreats


  • Favorite hotel, conference center, or large room
  • Your Location


  • 2 to 2.5 hours