Group Pricing

We have dozens of Games, Seattle-area locations, and options available for your playcation. To simplify things, we’ve created Basic, Gold, and Platinum Packages to choose from - but you're always welcome to mix and match your options.

  • If your looking for one of our recession-friendly packages, get your mental motor running with the Search Party Basic Package and get in the game at a time and location of your choice for as little as $25 per player.
  • Upgrade to the coveted Gold Package and equip your teams with interactive creative Challenges with HD Video Camcorders to record the ensuing hilarity! Within a few days of the game’s conclusion, all the raw footage is online for all to see. Post-game pointing and laughing not included.
  • Explore the Platinum Package experience and you’ll hook up with a Game Director before the big day to customize Clues with organizational trivia or to reinforce educational goals. And if that wasn’t enough…when your teams hit the play area, in-game Run Brain Run Secret Agents put the “action” in “interaction” by helping or thwarting teams from their main objective. But wait…there’s more…we’ll host your afterparty too!

We have lots more to offer and you can go all the way and hit up our à la carte menu with SMS text messaging, unique prizes, sips & nibbles, pedicabs, t-shirts, pocket-sized take-home flipbooks, and more inspired items!

Some games like Alias & Alibi always have in-game Secret Agents while games inside the Seattle Art Museum have admission costs and they poo-poo any notion of filming with HD Video Camcorders. Be sure to ask about those variables and understand that each game has minimums.

Your game can be ready in just a few days, so download PDF Group Pricing and Game Summaries and then contact us to start planning your adventure!

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