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Game Show Live!

Brad - Game Show Live EmCeeIn Game Show Live, “The Amazing Race” meets “Jeopardy” meets “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” in a fast paced game that builds teamwork and friendly competition.

Perfect for large groups with a mix of shy and not-so-shy participants, Game Show Live thrusts teams into a series of competitive challenges involving trivia, brain-teasers, tongue-twisters and a little bit of "performance art." You'll play games that seem kind of familiar, until you encounter our Brain-bending twist... and others that bear no resemblance to anything else. But your guests won't care, as long as their team wins!


Freewheel: Crazy amazing team building

Freewheel is a philanthropic charity game in which participants build a bicycle, not knowing they will soon give them away to deserving underprivileged children from the community. No need to be a weekend grease monkey since this game challenges your group’s creativity, communication and time management skills, not their mechanical aptitude. And the surprise at the end will create memories your team will never forget. Check our Freewheel page for more details.

Operation Care Kit: Success!

Operation Care Kits

Part Amazing Race, part Cranium, and part Battle of the Network Stars, Operation Care Kits immerses teams head-to-head in a series of fun and challenging activities that exercise the brain more than the body. Operation Care Kits challenges your team's knowledge and raises their awareness of what our national service men and women face overseas. As you overcome each fun (but safe!) challenge, your team obtains the necessary ingredients of a Care Kit to send to highly appreciative soldiers in uniform. We handle the shipping... and arrange an appearance by an armed forces representative to thank your team. Check our Operation Care Kits page for more details.

Custom Games

We can also customize our Search Party and other games and bring them to your location. Your alternate reality is just a click away, so Contact Us today to book your game date!

Want more information? Download PDF Group Pricing and Game Summaries.

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  • Creative challenge
  • Build communication skills
  • Fun, fast-paced teamwork

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  • New product launches
  • User conferences
  • Retreats


  • Indoors: Favorite hotel, conference center, or large room
  • Your Location

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