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“Keep Portland Weird!” is the battle cry on many a bumper sticker. Well, what’s weirder than bumbling around town with your colleagues, laughing your heads off and getting it all on video? Maybe an armada of tall bikes would be weirder, but Run Brain Run would say those are great ways to do your Portland duty! We won’t issue bikes, but you’ll really appreciate just how walkable and bike-able, weird and wondrous Portland (the Pacific Northwest’s best kept secret) really is. Play your day away the Portland way!

Pearl District: Search Party + Alias & Alibi Outdoors

With a name like “The Pearl District” one expects the finest in living, art, culture and cuisine. What you might not expect is a fantastically walkable jungle of green-friendly business, homes and attractions, very modern and “LEED” architecture, uncommon views, parks, totem poles, and friendly, down-to-earth people. We even bumped into Star Trek’s Jeri Ryan once at a paper boutique. Boldly take your Run Brain Run away-team to this outdoor frontier! Engage!

Central City: Search Party + Play It Forward + Alias & Alibi Outdoors

Ahhh, the great outdoors: Gorgeous waterfront park grounds, oodles of shopping stops, historical buildings, a purple octopus, the MAX, parks, Voodoo, and multiple Stumptown cafes. Portland’s Central City abounds with everything you’d want from an outdoor urban diversion, but weirder! And don’t be surprised if you run into other Run Brain Run teams noodling their way through town.

Portland Art Museum: Search Party Indoor gameAdmission fee required

To Run Brain Run, the Portland Art Museum is the West Coast’s oldest repository for 42,000 potential clues! Art is about mystery, creation, and discovery, and so is Run Brain Run. That’s why we are thrilled to send you on a delightful six-story venture to make your own history and merriment!

Art Museum admission required. Because photography is not allowed within the Art Museum, HD Video Camcorders are a big no-no here.

Central Library: Search Party Indoor game

The nerve center of Portland’s intellect and knowledge, the Central Library is your indoor choice for really brainy fun! We’d like for you to believe that Run Brain Run meetings occur in the Bank Room or in some subterranean, long-forgotten-about office of the library, so we won’t deny it. But we are familiar enough with its stacks to offer you a lively challenge: enjoy your adventure and try not to get too distracted by all those great books and resources!

McMenamin's Kennedy School: Search PartyIndoor game Food available

At McMenamin’s Kennedy School you’ll sorta miss the pencils and the books, and you know, not all teachers had dirty looks! What better place to let your spirit loose than in the halls of a restored, historic elementary school? But this school has been graduated with lush, local folk art, pubs, restaurants, and theater. Bring your game brain, but also bring your bathing suit. This indoor retreat has a soothing soaking pool...with bubble jets!

This game includes food & drink.

McMenamin's Grand Lodge: Search PartyIndoor game Food available

At McMenamin’s Grand Lodge you'll soak in the grandeur of this historic building and possibly be tempted to explore the beautiful rural wine-country - but then your team might miss your unique knowledge and talents in helping them decode clues and overcome group challenges! Perhaps some post-hunt frisbee golf? A soak in the spa? The latest film in their theater? Of course you can count on McMenamin's to provide great nosh and suds!

This game includes food & drink.

Big Al's in Beaverton: Search Party, Operation Care Kits, Game Show Live! Indoor game Food available

Bright lights, spinning wheels and sports references galore get the energy going at this game-happy place. We integrate the great interactive games you'd normally play at Big Al's with our hilarious clues and challenges. Great munchies abound too, with buffets and per-capita options you can arrange directly with Big Al's friendly staff.

This game includes optional food & drink.

Oregon Zoo: Search Party Outdoors Admission fee required

Lions, tigers and bears... and monkeys, zebras and elephants! Oh my! Take your team to the wild side and discover more than you ever thought you'd know about the great beasts of the world. And we don't mean just our game directors!

Oregon Zoo admission required.

OMSI: Search PartyIndoor game Admission fee required

“It’s alive!” you’ll shout as your spirit of scientific curiosity is delightfully invigorated by the OMSI’s (that’s the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry to you shut-ins!) 219,000 square feet of interactive education. This indoor escape is sure to stimulate your dome because the OMSI is all about domes with it’s planetarium and OMNIMAX theaters! Discover a new way to play!

Separate OMSI admission required.

Hotels & Convention Center: Freewheel + Game Show Live! + Operation Care Kits + Custom GamesIndoor gameOutdoors

Portland has oodles of conveniently located hotels, so if you have a favorite or feel adventurous enough to try something different, let us know and we’ll set it up for you. We’re also happy to utilize the available convention centers for a truly unconventional escape!

Your Location: Freewheel + Search Party + Game Show Live! + Operation Care Kits + Custom GamesIndoor gameOutdoors

Invite us over to play. Anytime, anywhere, we are ready to help you thrive and revive!

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