Game Show Live!

Brad - Game Show Live EmCeeCome One Come All!!!

To an evening of hysterical delights and nostalgic stimulation!
An event guaranteed to produce laughs, smiles, and fond memories!
An extravaganza like no other you've ever seen nor are likely to ever see again!
We present to you with the utmost enthusiasm....

Game Show Live!

We all know that great evening activities for your whole group can be hard to come by. What do you do with all that pent-up energy once dinner is over? People still want to get to know each other and have fun, but options have long been limited.

All that has now changed. Rather than put the burden on you to find the fun, we'll bring it to you!

How it works

A Run Brain Run game director and an emcee will show up at your hotel and deliver a fun and exciting event that will leave your group talking for days. It's called Game Show Live! and it's the most amazing invention since the 3-D remote. (That's been invented, hasn't it?)

Game Show Live! Zapper

“Game Show Live!” engages your teams in a series of challenges based loosely on concepts borrowed from popular TV reality and game shows. Imagine “The Amazing Race” meets “Jeopardy” meets “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” … without costing you a million bucks, of course. Challenges include trivia, the “wheel of talents” (aka “Stupid Human Tricks”) and “People Bingo,” all designed to get your group conspiring and laughing together on your way to victory.

The Gory Details

Activities your group will engage in may include:

  • An opening icebreaker that gets people interacting and learning about one another - and secretly breaks them into up to ten teams...
  • Team Spirit Generator” - Teams work together to create a team identity… and shout it out!
  • Game Show Live! Zapper

    "Brain Drain" - This Jeopardy-style game allows teams to select trivia questions from their favorite categories, with limited time to answer. It really gets both left and right brains going!
    • "Gold" Package: Trivia questions can be customized to include information or key take-away messages specific to your company or group. Great for training events, product releases, company announcements, new team member welcomes, or new sales & marketing campaigns!
  • "Survivor" Round - Finalists compete in a delicious face-stuffing competition involving marshmallows, elocution and wild hares. We don’t make you eat bugs, but you might prefer s’more of this.

Along the way, we throw you into a “Wheel of Talents.” Spin the wheel to see which “Stupid Human Tricks” your team will have to perform to earn highly valuable points! Tricks include:

  • “Don’t touch your nuts”
  • “Office Tennis”
  • “Lord of the Dance Hall”
  • “Don’t Blow the Joker”
  • And more!

Everyone's a winner and you'll be the hero for booking this event for the group.

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Get in the game

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Game Show Live! Details


  • Creative challenge
  • Build communication skills
  • Fun, fast-paced teamwork

Ideal Usage

  • New product launches
  • User conferences
  • Retreats


  • Indoors: Pike Place Market and Seattle Art Museum
  • Outdoors: Seattle Center, Downtown Bellevue, Pioneer Square and Woodland Park Zoo
  • Your Location


  • 2 to 2.5 hours

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