Alias & Alibi

Go undercover!Save the World From Disaster... with a smile!

Laugh all the way to the brink of doom in this live-action, immersive game of spy vs. spy... where the fate of the world is in your team's capable hands.

Your mission:

Save the world from evil bad guys... and gals!

Your Resources:

Your sharp wits, your keen perception, your amazing teammates, your ability to work together while navigating strange locales and unraveling encoded messages...

Your Nemesis:

The dastardly villain-du-jour, who threatens to end life as we know it and take over the world... unless your team is able to stop him!

How to Play Alias and Alibi

You and your teammates, fresh from the Bootstrap Research and Intelligence Nexus (B.R.A.I.N.) spy training academy, are given your first live action field assignment - a "live test" of your new-found spy knowledge. This is your first assignment as a new recruit and other spy teams are out there, eager to get the points, the credit and the victory!

Your handler provides you with a dossier equipped with essential gear and secret instructions. Don your disguises and adopt your spy identities quickly - you have just two hours to discover the villain's clever new Alias, his method of attack and where it's going to happen. You must analyze cryptic e-mails, decipher codes, solve puzzles and even create your own tools to get the job done. Along the way you'll confront villains, contacts and thugs (Run Brain Run Secret Agents, of course) to obtain key hints to accomplish your mission.

Immerse yourself in the mission

Don’t be shaken as you stir up new clues. Each evil plan thwarted leads to another, more challenging mission, which provides amusing chances to use pluck and perception to pick up the trail of the quarry and disrupt his evil plans. Once the mission objective is reached, meet back at home base for a lively awards ceremony.

"Everyone had a great time walking around the city, learning new things and having fun" - Standard Insurance

Alias & Alibi is not just any game, it is Portland's most dangerous game: Brain versus Brain. Think James Bond meets Get Smart meets the Bourne Identity, with a little CSI thrown in for good measure.

Join the Mission

Anyone can enjoy Alias & Alibi. There are no prerequisites, no entry quizzes nor Festivus feats of strength necessary - just your desire to immerse yourself in an alternative reality and explore something different.  Evil schemes won’t derail themselves, so Contact Us and arrange a date to play your day away in an imaginary world of high-stakes risk and reward.

Want more information? Download PDF Group Pricing and Game Summaries.

Alias & Alibi Details


  • Creative challenge
  • Increased team interaction
  • Stretch your brains

Ideal Usage

  • Something Different
  • Multi-day meetings
  • Managerial retreats
  • Energize a conference


  • Outdoors: City Center
  • Pearl District
  • Your Location


  • 2.5-3 hours

Basic Group Package

Immerse your group in this story for only $39 per player! After providing a pre-game briefing, top secret dossiers and mission packs, your Game Director will keep watchful eyes over your mission of danger and conclude with an entertaining awards ceremony.

Gold Group Package

Go beyond the Basic and, for a few dollars more per player, each team is equipped with HD Video Camcorders to capture themselves (and maybe the criminals) in the act. After retreating back to your daily existence, go online and witness the adventure and your glorious moments as the raw footage is on the interwebs within hours.

Platinum Group Package

On this Portland immersive game, we'll scale up with even more Secret Agents and custom clues. Some add interrogations about a new product launch and others love fun trivia about the boss and colleagues. Get all the details (plus à la carte options) on our Group Pricing page.