What if teams just don't get along? Try something special.

Sometimes we get approached by clients to "do a little extra" team building in our events.

"Our team just doesn't get along very well together," they say. "Can't you do something special to help us?"

Why, sure we can.

We can help them enjoy each others' company for a few hours in a really fun game. Some shared silly antics to start the bonding and knock down some walls... some light competition to get your folks working together on something fun... some shared goals, even if only for a few hours, to illustrate how they CAN get along.

We're not therapists - we don't psychoanalyze you. Nor corporate raiders set out to restructure your organization and "cut out the dead weight" or anything so crass.

We just give you a really easy, great way to enjoy working with each other again. A few hours to get to know and appreciate each other a little better.

Seems pretty special to us.





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