We're NOT gong to DisneyWorld (yet)

We're NOT going to DisneyWorld.

Not so long as the "Winter Trade Talks" are going on in Orlando.

While it seems to work, in a weird and roundabout sort of way, for Major League Baseball to gather its cadre of general managers together in one place, to hold secret meetings, swap team members, lure top prospects away with huge salaries and buy-outs, and keep their team members jittery with regard to whether or not they have jobs next year, we prefer a more straightforward approach.

See, to us, that's not really team building. It's team thrashing. It's the worst aspects of free agency and "coopetition" that drive prices up and fans away. It encourages players (team members) to harbor secrets from their bosses and team mates, discourages loyalty in both directions, and destroys cohesion.

We like to build teams by rewarding team members who stay on, who improve their skills, who help and communicate with teammates, who WANT to work with their compadres season after season. And we like to encourage management to think in terms of how to keep the team happy.

Maybe someday we'll ALL go to Disneyland. But for a very different reason.



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