Teamwork gone viral

If you're one of the ten or eleven people who has not seen the footage (or at least heard the story) of how the Auburn Tigers defeated their arch-rival, the number one ranked Alabama Crimson Tide, on an improbable, last-second (literally) 109-yard runback of a missed field goal for a game-winning, game-ending touchdown, here you go:

Teamwork gone viral





We post this not only because it's spectacular entertainment (to everyone except Alabama fans), but because it exemplifies a great tenet we love to emphasize about teamwork.

Great teams don't give up. They don't give up on their goal, and they don't give up on each other - no matter how improbable their odds of success. (To say  this method of scoring touchdowns and winning ball games is rare would be the height of understatement.)

So now Auburn is headed to their conference championship game. Alabama, long considered the odds-on favorite to win the national championship, will watch the game on TV.

Or maybe, they'll watch this now-viral video of their opponent, Chris Davis, demonstrating how great teams persevere.

It might make them a better team.






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