Shutdown - lack of teamwork?

The federal government may once again be veering toward shutdown of its "non-essential" services as the parties in Congress and the President have been, so far, unable to strike a deal on the budget.

Obama and CongressPolitics aside, this is a classic example of bad teamwork.

Effective teamwork requires open communication, trust, and a shared objective. The parties involved in this dispute lack at least one - if not all three - of these components.

The lack of trust is obvious.

Communication is present, but the "open" part of it is not. All sides are withholding information from one or more parties out of a perceived strategic advantage.

It may be politically beneficial (debatable) to those parties to do so, but it sure isn't good teamwork.

The shared objective is also debatable. Do all parties involved want to keep the "non-essential" services operating without interruption? Is adopting a consensus budget a priority for all sides? Are any of them willing to sacrifice in order to achieve either of those things - or are personal / partisan agendas more important?

Teamwork can help.

Is your team heading toward "shutdown" mode?



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