Play it Forward for Earth Day

Has Mother Earth been good to you?

Maybe it's time to Play it Forward.

Sunday, April 22 is Earth Day - a day to get outside into the warming weather and show the planet that you appreciate the beautiful world we live in, especially here in the breathtakingly picturesque Pacific Northwest.

It's an especially great thing to do with your team.

Team Building

There are lots of great ideas out there - beach or park cleanups, adopting a highway, planting trees. But there's an even better way to give back if Team Building are on your list - while having a fun day, of course.

If you Play it Forward, you can engage in crazy fun challenges (and show those bozos down the hall who REALLY can bust it loose while busking it by the bus stop) while raising awareness and much-needed donations for your favorite Earth-friendly causes.

You pick the beneficiary organization. We'll bring the fun.




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