Giving thanks is good for team-building

Giving thanks is good for team building.

First, if you are doing it right, you are probably giving thanks for the great team you have around you. They help make you more effective and help make the workday more enjoyable.

Remember to say it out loud. "Thank you, team." (Yes, when they are in the room.)

Second, you can bond with your team by giving thanks. You will find that you are thankful for similar things - your great work environment, team mates, supportive bosses, super support staff, a livable wage.

But third, if you go a step further - give thanks by giving back - you can take team bonding to a whole new level.

Getting your group together to do some community service, or playing a philanthropic "CSR" oriented game like Operation Care Kit, Freewheel or Play it Forward, can create lasting memories of fun, laughter, communication and trust. And, of course, moments of generosity that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

So, take a moment to give thanks. For your team, with your team, to your team.

Your team will be better for it.



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