Build Teams with the animals II: Video evidence of fun

Our good friends at Concur had such a good time building communications, teamwork, and camaraderie at the zoo, they made a video and shared it with us.

You may want to crank the volume up... the music's kind of catchy!

Here's the link. Doesn't that seem like great fun? Call us to see you you can get in on the action!



Can you book "just a game"?

One of the great things about our Search Party scavenger hunt game is that we can do it lots of places - indoor and out.

As we move into fall (sob!) and folks start planning their holiday and winter season outings, indoor venues such as the Central Library, the Art Museum, and McMenamin's historic renovation locations start to overtake the beautiful outdoor settings in popularity.

McMenamin's, in particular, is attractive to many because of the added bonus of being able to feed your team (always a good idea!) before, during, or after the Search Party game.

But sometimes it's even cooler to spend a full day at these great meeting spaces to go over some other important topics in a nice, relaxed, art-filled atmosphere - in addition to getting the juices flowing with an invigorating hunt-based team-building game.

In that case, people often ask, "If we have already have booked a room at McMenamin's with food and beverage service, can we just add a Search Party game? What would that cost?"

The answers:

1. Yes! You can just add the game to the schedule. Since you've already covered the room and food & beverage service with your own rental, there's no additional F&B on our end. Just the game, and we take care of it all. (In fact, we did that just yesterday!)

2. The cost is the same as a game anywhere else:  starting at $25 per person for the base game, with add-on options to spice it up and heighten the fun.

Want to know more? Give us a call. We'll fill you in.


Talk with the animals... team-build with the animals...

Ever done team building with a bunch of animals?

And no, we don't mean the guy sitting in the next cubicle who reads those science fiction novels at lunch... well, we kind of do, but not the way you're thinking.

We mean lions and tigers and bears (oh, my!).

Sound dangerous? Not at all. The most dangerous thing about Search Party at the Woodland Park Zoo is ... well, the guy sitting in the next cubicle. Here's the good news: after you're done playing, you'll know a lot more about that sci-fi fan, and him about you. You may even discover that he's a whiz at debugging those Excel macros you need to finish by Friday.

There is at least one group who "concurs" with this. You may spot them roaming around, discovering secrets of the wild - and themselves - today.

Wish them courage, brains, and a safe trip home.



Will locals have an advantage over out of towners in team building?

Sometimes when we're planning a Search Party scavenger hunt team building game for a customer, the event planner asks, "I know the area of the game really well. Does this give me an advantage in the game?"

In a word, No.

In fact, it may be a hindrance.

Let's take our Seattle-area games. In Downtown Kirkland, for instance, one of the challenges is to identify a number of, er, "environmental phenomena" around Kirkland’s Plaza of Champions. Even if you lived in said plaza, would you know what the caterpillar said? What you do on "Jersey time"? How many candles you need?

Similar challenges would confront teams unraveling the fun challenges and clues at Pike Place Market, Seattle Center or the Seattle Art Museum.

If you relied on your own first-hand knowledge of these locations, you'd probably waste time searching your memory banks rather than the designated search area... and other teams would out-compete you.

So, don't worry about locals having advantages over out of town team builders. We mess with your minds equally.


A Capitol Idea

We love going to new places and trying new things. It helps build our team.

And now, it can help build yours.

Starting today, we kick off a new Search Party game - at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem, OR. The intrepid travelers of Travel Oregon will engage in some fun outdoor team building as they uncover the secrets of the state's halls of power.

And no, they won't be filibustering. They'll be engaged in a fast-paced scavenger hunt that will challenge their brains more than their knowledge of state government... or their hear rates.

Unless the sight of politicians in summer scares them. Which we doubt.

Have fun, Travel Oregon!



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