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Answers - General Questions

How long do games last?

It depends on the game. Search Party and Game Show take about two hours, Freewheel 3-4 hours, and Alias and Alibi can range from a few hours to … well, as long as you like. Some people never stop playing.

For planning purposes, add another hour for getting people into the game and the "awards ceremony" after, and of course, all of the celebrating.

What if it rains?

Rain? In the Pacific Northwest? Are you kidding?

Seriously, we plan ahead for weather, and we urge you to do the same. For our outdoor events, we plan strategically so you can find cover as often as possible. Hats, raincoats, even the dreaded umbrella can keep you dry between stops. We also conduct indoor events at a number of cool places, like the Art Museum, the Central Library, and the Kennedy School – or at your way-cool company’s campus.

Can we take pictures?

Are bears Catholic?

We strongly encourage you to take pictures of your event. Better yet, if you upgrade to our Gold package, we'll provide video cameras and upload the raw footage of the hilarity for all to see.

Can’t participants just use “smart phones” to cheat?

They sure can try. Fat lot of good it’ll do them. You’ll be done solving the puzzles while they’re still cursing their least-favorite wireless provider.

How much exercise will we get?  Is it strenuous?

Depending on the venue, you’ll walk a mile or two all told. We promise,  no heavy lifting, swinging ropes, or frigid whitecaps.

Is there anything in the game that will embarrass anyone?

Nope. Unless you’re embarrassed by smiles, laughter, and better teamwork.

How do I explain to my boss that we’re “playing a game” on company time?

First, include your boss in the event. That always makes them feel better.

Second, it’s about building teams – and our events are great at doing that. Just check out our client testimonials for proof.

Third, your boss wants to be cool, right? Our games are fun – and bosses that book fun outings like Search Party, Scavenger Hunt, and Freewheel are way cooler than the ones who make you go bowling.

We’re comparing your games to some other lame alternatives like bowling, skydiving, go-cart racing, or dinner at the boss’s favorite restaurant (again). Why is a Run Brain Run game a better option?

Run Brain Run games are fun for everyone on your team. No special skills are required, no dangerous engines, heights, or rope courses that make your insurance company and legal beagles go crazy, and you’re moving around and seeing new sights instead of the same-old, same-old. Only your brain will run  - both the left and right sides.

Are these games good for kids?

We recommend ages 12 and up for these games. Not only is it embarrassing when the kids win, but then they get bored when it takes us grown-ups for-ev-errrrr to finish.

I’d like to book a game right away. How soon can we get going?

We can get you playing in as little as a few days on a Search Party in a variety of locations.

How do I book a game?

Just call 888.604.3350 and we’ll have you ready in no time!



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