Why Run Brain Run?

Run Brain Run is live action, hit-the-ground-running interactive games. It is think-on-your feet team building fun. That’s it. We won’t sell you the promise that you’ll get smarter, have more friends, or have more lustrous hair at the end of the day. We simply set you up for good times and entertaining social interactions.

Run Brain Run is an alternative to what passes for interactive these days (we’re looking at you…Wii). Some call it alternate reality games, interactive fiction, or serious games. But it's not just a scavenger hunt. Run Brain Run is real, live, face-to-face action.

Because you are the type who enjoys something a little different and you are not satisfied with the typical diversions, we offer a variety of games, locations, and venues. Our in depth games and interactive upgrades allow you the chance to socialize and ham it up in ways you don’t normally get to. And since you don’t like having a Svengali of professional development coach convince you that you are truly learning to work together, collaboration and teamwork is built into our game designs.

We can offer you such a good deal, because we keep it simple. Less is more. In fact, we have dispensed with the ubiquitous ropes course and suspender snapping facilitator and replaced them with hands-on and mental challenges in real locations. We find that on-the-fly problem solving mixed with good old fashioned time frames for finishing your missions keeps things amusing and inspires true team efforts.

With Run Brain Run, we offer you entertaining ways to play your day away!

What's in a name?

It's not easy to stump the Game Directors here, but when it came down to defining ourselves, we were at a loss. We turned to the zen master of branding, Anthony Shore of Operative Words. He worked with us to develop our company name and a bunch of other Game names (some of which have not been announced yet). Be sure to tell him we sent you; you won't be sorry.